Brent Housing Partnership: Setting the Standards in Cleaning

Project: Cleaning

Client: Brent Housing Partnership

Location: London


Brent Housing Partnership is an ALMO which manages over 10,000 properties.

The requirement was to improve the standard of cleanliness in the estates in order to enhance the environment in which the residents live. The contract is for 365 days of the year and includes daily internal cleaning, road sweeping, external litter picking, window cleaning, graffiti removal and bulk waste management.


Our approach was to provide a superior cleaning service which included:

  • Introducing innovative technology such as pressurised water cleaning equipment and highly productive road sweepers.
  • Having a multi-skilled workforce capable of delivering the entire scope of works.
  • Communicating specific standards to be met.
  • A dedicated contract manager who motivates staff and communicates effectively with residents and clients.
  • Carrying out monthly audits to ensure consistency in standards.


We are constantly achieving greater standards of cleanliness through the creation of clear schedules and standards plus regular assessment of the work. As a result residents are benefiting from a cleaner and more hygienic living environment.

If youare interested in achieving a higher standard of cleaning in your estate/development, please contact us on T: 01295 750 000 or via email.

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