Mendip District Council: Addressing the Issue of Fly Tipping

Project: Street and asset cleaning

Client: Mendip District Council

Location: Mendip, Somerset

Duration: 6 years

Value: £6m


Fly tipping is a serious environmental problem which Mendip Council is dedicatedin combating. It is illegal and punishable by a fine of up to £20,000, but prosecutions are rare as it is very difficult to get a clear cut case against an offender and it is very expensive. So, Mendip wanted to ramp up the provision of prevention, education and front line activities to address the problem.


To fight fly tipping and boost prosecution in the area a new scheme was set up with us working alongside Mendip DC, the Police and the Environment Agency. We investigate fly tips for evidence and if successful in finding names and addresses, which can be directly linked to the fly tip, we issue warning letters on behalf of Mendip DC.

We have a quick reaction time with an average of seven clean ups every day. Fly tips include items such as general household waste, white goods, builders’ rubble, green waste, commercial waste and even vehicle parts.

An area of repeated dumping of vehicle tyres, at Porchestal Drove in Glastonbury, has stopped altogether due to daily visits. By varying when we patrol these areas, would-be fly tippers cannot time their activities with any certainty. Thus changing the culture and mind set of offenders.


Within the first six months we made an impact on clearing 200 regular sites used for fly tipping and enabled the issue of 10 letters. This eventually helped Mendip DC win the Cleanest District in Britain Award in 2007, issued by the British Cleaning Council.

Stuart Finney, team leader for Street Scene at Mendip DC says:

"You're at the front line and one of your strengths is the way you liaise with the rest of my team. Good and fast communication is essential.You are a great contractor for Mendip partly because of the excellent working relationship that my team has with you. I am always confident that you will go the extra mile and get on with the job even if sometimes it is outside your remit. That is what I think good service is all about.”

Working alongside our partners, we have helped reduce repeat offenders and cleared nearly 1,300 fly tips in the last year alone. That’s over 100 sites every month.

Let us help you with your commercial waste or find out how we could help keep your community clean: T: 01295 750 000 or email us.

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