Community Spirit with the Cubs

17th June 2015

One of our Fountains' arboriculture teams working in Yorkshire was recently required to remove two trees from an elderly gentleman's field in order to protect the electricity supply from interference due to vegetation.

As the trees had sentimental value, and the customer and his daughter were keen to keep the land and habitat as natural as possible, the Fountains team arranged for six new native trees to be planted in a more suitable area of the gentleman's field away from the electricity lines.  All in a day's work.  What followed, however, was not!

In conversation, the customer's daughter explained that she was the leader of a local Cub Scout group and asked if there was any way Fountains could incorporate the Cubs into the replanting.

Ben Ray, Team Manager, arranged a tree planting and time capsule event with the Cub Scout leaders and then met the group at the local village hall before walking the short distance from the hall to the field where the replanting was to be done - hand in hand in twos.

Ben and cubs undertook the digging and replanting works during which Ben incorporated some basic electricity awareness, highlighting the dangers and imparting safety advice - all in compliance with our client's guidance.

Following the manual labour, the group returned to the hall to enjoy the cakes and sweets Fountains had provided to round the evening off. 

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